The Best Vacuum Cleaner For Your Home?

There are a lot of different types of vacuum cleaners on the market today, all with different features, attachments, filtering systems, etc. Choosing one can be confusing and difficult. In order to choose the best vacuum cleaner for your needs, consider the following four factors.

1) What type of vacuum cleaner is best for your floors? In general, if your home is made up of mostly hard surfaced floors like tile or wood, a bagless canister vacuum cleaner would best suit your needs. The bagless units are much better at doing these types of floors but are not great for carpet. They are, however, very good for stairs because they are much easier to maneuver. For carpet and large areas, an upright unit will work best best cordless vacuums for pet hair .

2) Types of attachments. The attachments that come with the vacuum you buy are expensive. The more attachments that are included, the more expensive the vacuums will be. Most people use two or less attachments on a consistent basis and the rest of the attachments sit in the closet. The best vacuum cleaner for you to buy will only come with attachments you will use.

3) Filtering system. Everyone has heard of the hepa filter, (High Efficiency Particulate Air System). But there are several filters that work just as well. Choose one that can filter out what's important to you. There are some that specialize in removing vacuums. Some get great reviews and ratings for removing dirt from the ground and air. Others, especially commercial vacuums, can filter out moisture.

4) Name. Is a top brand name like Oreck, Eureka or Kirby important to you or would you rather save a few bucks on a lesser known unit that gets good ratings? The main thing here is to look at the specifics of the warranty.

3 Tips For Choosing the Best Vacuum Cleaner

A central vacuum system is built-in to your home, with a main collection unit and motor somewhere (often in the garage or basement) and hose connection outlets throughout the house. A hose and tool attachment plugs into these outlets to operate the vacuum. The outlets are placed in such a way that the hose will be able to reach all parts of the home.

A canister vacuum has a main canister with the motor and collection unit and the hose and tool attachment is connected to that unit. This canister is often on wheels and can be rolled around to reach the various parts of your home best cordless vacuums for pet hair .

An upright vacuum is all in one upright unit, from the power head to the collection bag. Because they use an all-in-one design, they are typically easier to move from place to place.

Which of these options is best for you will depend on how you expect to use your vacuum. If you pull it out to clean up small spills on a regular basis, either a central or upright design is most convenient.

If you often have large spills or messes to clean up then a canister or central vacuum will typically have the most powerful suction. They also usually have larger collection containers, so you can pick up more without having to empty them.

Your budget will also factor into your decision. A central vacuum system is going to cost the most, particularly if you have to have it installed in an existing home. But even canister and upright models have a huge range in prices.

Some of the high-end brands like Dyson will cost several hundred dollars, compared to potentially less than $100 with others.

Buying the cheapest model isn't always a good idea, but the price also isn't always a good indicator of quality.

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